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A Couple of Buttes

A Morsel

A Rose Is A Rose…


An There Was Light!

Attending to the Family

Avalon Sunrise

Big Splash

Big Wheel

Black water Lily

Blown Over


Blue Ridge Sunset

Breakfast at Sunrise

Buddhist Temple, Bhutan

Bumblebee in Camouflage

Butterscotch Rose

Canyon de Chelly Rainbow

Catch Me If You Can

Cattle Egret preening..

caxambas sunrise

Chasing Bubbles


Dance of the Waves

Day of the Dead

Dell’s Mill

Down for the night



End of Day Rays

END OF THE ROAD (Door County, Wisconsin)

Feed Me!

Finding Nemo

First Dawn Solitude

Fishing Perch

Floral Rosie

Garden Dream

Gazing in Wonder and Awe

GBH Nest Building

Gears and Gizmos

Giddy Up

Good Morning America

Head Butt


Hidden Venice

I Love You Man

I See You!

In the Cloud

Inca Stonework

Inner Glow

Iron Muscle

Istanbul at Night

Jekyll Driftwood Sunrise

John Ford Mesa

Joy to the children

Just Resting Here

Lake Pokegma Sunset

Lava Slo-mo

Let It Bee

Lines and Shapes of a Pier

Looking at Ewe

Looking Up

Love You Too

Majestic Mountains

Man weaving silk using only daylight – Myranmar

Marsh Trail Sunset

Meal Prep

Mermaid Memories

Minnesota Glow

mom and baby

Moraine Lake Sunrise

Morning at the Museum

Morning near Llanes

Morning Sun

Morning Sun on El Capitan

Mountain Solo

My shining light

Nature In Repose

Nesting Supplies

Night Light

Oh No!

OMG! Eggs!

On the Lookout

One Hot Meal

Out of the Past

Over Easy


Pickup Soccer Game

Pink Ballet

Property Dispute

Punta Rassa Sunset

Purple Beauty

Que Pasa Amigo

Railway Carriage

Raindrops delight

rear flaps down

Red-Headed Breakfast


Regal Pose


Return at Sunset

Ride ’em Cowboy

Rocks Trees and Water-reflections

Showy Snowy

Sicily Courtyard



Snake eyes on you…

Snow Leopard

Snowy Egret…Breeding plumage.


Softly Sunny

Start our Engine

Subterranean Blues

Sun Kissed Rock

Sunrise – Amboseli, Kenya

Sunset Beauty

Sunset Grace

Sunset Paddler

Super Moon Rising

Tern Dive

Thank you

The Beast Within

The New Family

The Rock

Tri-Colored Heron Portrait

Triangle Beauty

Twilight in the Canyonlands

Up and Up

Up Close and Personal

Waiting for You

Waiting Patiently

Wake-up Yawn

Warmth of the Sun

Water Lily Dream

Where Are You?

Where’s Mom, I’m Hungry

Whittling Master

Whoo Hoo!

Wide Angle Symmetry



Winter’s Coming

Yak! Yak!