2018-2 Spring Competition

Theme: there is no theme for this competition
Start date: April 1, 2018
End date: May 5, 2018
Judging starts: May 3, 2018
Judging ends: May 22, 2018

Current Entries

  • This is the one

    This is the one

  • Stand Off

    Stand Off

  • Focused


  • Windy


  • Inner Glow

    Inner Glow

  • The New Family

    The New Family

  • At the shore

    At the shore

  • Queensboro Bridge

    Queensboro Bridge

  • Resplendent


  • Naples Pier Sunset

    Naples Pier Sunset

  • Yak! Yak!

    Yak! Yak!

  • End Of The Bay, End Of The Day

    End Of The Bay, End Of The Day

  • Osprey in the Moonlight

    Osprey in the Moonlight

  • Lily Reflection

    Lily Reflection



  • Big Splash

    Big Splash

  • Not Forgotten

    Not Forgotten

  • Cabin in the woods

    Cabin in the woods

  • Morning Glory

    Morning Glory

  • Lines and Shapes of a Pier

    Lines and Shapes of a Pier

  • As a New Day Starts

    As a New Day Starts

  • Tempting Fate!

    Tempting Fate!

  • I See You!

    I See You!

  • Nature In Repose

    Nature In Repose

  • Inside Outside Harmony

    Inside Outside Harmony

  • Oh No!

    Oh No!

  • Catch Me If You Can

    Catch Me If You Can

  • Que Pasa Amigo

    Que Pasa Amigo

  • Silence


  • Church


  • Parrot


  • Tower Bridge

    Tower Bridge

  • Man on the Move

    Man on the Move

  • Misty Pink Blush

    Misty Pink Blush

  • Lovers Key Sunset

    Lovers Key Sunset

  • Dance of the Waves

    Dance of the Waves

  • Up Close and Personal

    Up Close and Personal

  • The Fawn

    The Fawn

  • Take Off

    Take Off

  • A Couple of Buttes

    A Couple of Buttes

  • Another Quiet Night in Tokyo

    Another Quiet Night in Tokyo

  • Hidden Venice

    Hidden Venice

  • A Rose Is A Rose…

    A Rose Is A Rose…

  • Lola


  • Strutting His Stuff

    Strutting His Stuff

  • Sentinel


  • Petal Pattern

    Petal Pattern

  • Concentration


  • Pink Lady

    Pink Lady

  • A Fair Night

    A Fair Night

  • Busted


  • Bumblebee in Camouflage

    Bumblebee in Camouflage

  • Looking at Ewe

    Looking at Ewe

  • Gazing in Wonder and Awe

    Gazing in Wonder and Awe

  • Joy to the children

    Joy to the children

  • Cracking Up

    Cracking Up

  • Pickup Soccer Game

    Pickup Soccer Game

  • Freedom Horses

    Freedom Horses

  • Water View

    Water View

  • Smokin-Hot


  • The Wizzard’s Forest

    The Wizzard’s Forest

  • Softly Sunny

    Softly Sunny

  • One Hot Meal

    One Hot Meal

  • Sea Tendrills

    Sea Tendrills

  • OMG!  Eggs!

    OMG! Eggs!

  • Finding Nemo

    Finding Nemo

  • Stiff Neck

    Stiff Neck

  • Regal Pose

    Regal Pose

  • Waiting Patiently

    Waiting Patiently

  • Blue Ridge Sunset

    Blue Ridge Sunset

  • Sparkling Autumn Leaves

    Sparkling Autumn Leaves

  • Canyon de Chelly Rainbow

    Canyon de Chelly Rainbow

  • Misty Morning Rays

    Misty Morning Rays

  • The Gathering

    The Gathering

  • Spring Celebration

    Spring Celebration

  • Peace Be With You

    Peace Be With You

  • Silver Man

    Silver Man

  • Secrets


  • Flowers & Cigars

    Flowers & Cigars

  • Family Resemblance

    Family Resemblance

  • Chilli Pot

    Chilli Pot

  • Gaze


  • Glass Harmonica

    Glass Harmonica

  • In Love…

    In Love…

  • Rub -a- Dub dub…

    Rub -a- Dub dub…

  • Pink wings…

    Pink wings…

  • Looking on the inside….

    Looking on the inside….

  • The Final Judge

    The Final Judge

  • Teamwork


  • Head Butt

    Head Butt

  • Arch Angel

    Arch Angel

  • Vermont Retro Barn

    Vermont Retro Barn

  • Guard Station Rainbow

    Guard Station Rainbow

  • Lava Slo-mo

    Lava Slo-mo

  • Buddies


  • On Fire

    On Fire

  • Sailboat Sunset

    Sailboat Sunset

  • Our Favorite Tree

    Our Favorite Tree

  • Wet Pastels

    Wet Pastels

  • On the Lookout

    On the Lookout

  • Graceful Lines

    Graceful Lines

  • Flame Ginger

    Flame Ginger

  • Pink Beauties

    Pink Beauties

  • White Ginger

    White Ginger

  • Flowing Rocks

    Flowing Rocks

  • Louisiana Hots

    Louisiana Hots

  • Morning near Llanes

    Morning near Llanes

  • Make My Day

    Make My Day

  • First Dawn Solitude

    First Dawn Solitude

  • Pink Ballet

    Pink Ballet

  • Aye Aye, Sir

    Aye Aye, Sir

  • Florida Sunset

    Florida Sunset

  • Never to Young

    Never to Young

  • El Muerto de Caballero

    El Muerto de Caballero

  • Forever Bicycles

    Forever Bicycles

  • Mass Transit

    Mass Transit

  • Magnolia


  • Indian Girl

    Indian Girl

  • Hot Day

    Hot Day

  • Perched High

    Perched High

  • Koi


  • Hide and Seek

    Hide and Seek

  • Tall Tales

    Tall Tales

  • 1st Responders

    1st Responders

  • I see you

    I see you

  • Snowy Egret…Breeding plumage.

    Snowy Egret…Breeding plumage.

  • Peek a Boo

    Peek a Boo

  • Cattle Egret preening..

    Cattle Egret preening..

  • River of Grass

    River of Grass

  • Abyss


  • Morning Dew

    Morning Dew

  • Lightening Strikes

    Lightening Strikes

  • Garden  Dream

    Garden Dream

  • An There Was Light!

    An There Was Light!

  • Softly


  • In the Light

    In the Light

  • Atlantic View

    Atlantic View

  • Runway Ready

    Runway Ready

  • Norwegian Boathouses

    Norwegian Boathouses

  • Construction View

    Construction View

  • Beauty & Grunge

    Beauty & Grunge

  • Cowboy Still Life

    Cowboy Still Life

  • Making The Turn

    Making The Turn

  • Look Out

    Look Out

  • The Loving Hug

    The Loving Hug

  • Giving Dad a Shot

    Giving Dad a Shot

  • Spectacular Design

    Spectacular Design

  • Arched  Arcade

    Arched Arcade

  • Red-Winged Blackbird

    Red-Winged Blackbird

  • GBH Nest Building

    GBH Nest Building

  • Flamingo


  • Chimpanzee


  • Speakers Corner

    Speakers Corner

  • Double Exposure

    Double Exposure

  • Skin in the game

    Skin in the game

  • Not so Fast!

    Not so Fast!

  • Amaryllis


  • Building Reflections

    Building Reflections

  • Old Lady in the sun

    Old Lady in the sun

  • Zoey


  • News in the Making

    News in the Making

  • Flying in Formation

    Flying in Formation

  • Love is in the Air

    Love is in the Air

  • Sanibel Lighthouse

    Sanibel Lighthouse

  • Chasing Bubbles

    Chasing Bubbles

  • Easter Bonnet

    Easter Bonnet

  • mackle lake

    mackle lake

  • caxambas sunrise

    caxambas sunrise

  • the rose

    the rose

  • Eagle


  • Tri-Colored Heron Portrait

    Tri-Colored Heron Portrait

  • Morning Sun

    Morning Sun

  • Early Morning Light

    Early Morning Light

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