2020 End of Year Winners

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Theme: OPEN
Start date: July 1, 2021
End date: July 31, 2021
Judging starts: August 5, 2021
Judging ends: August 31, 2021

You may enter up to THREE (3) images in one category and ONE (1) image in another category,

or any combination thereof. You may enter a total of FOUR (4) images as long as they are not

all entered into a single category. You may change any image until the contest cutoff date.


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Current Entries

  • Fading Pasture

    Fading Pasture

  • don’t fence me in

    don’t fence me in

  • Morning Dew

    Morning Dew

  • White Bougainvillea

    White Bougainvillea

  • When is Opening?

    When is Opening?

  • Watching


  • Urban Landscape

    Urban Landscape

  • Through the Window

    Through the Window

  • Smoke Break

    Smoke Break

  • Salvia’s Friend

    Salvia’s Friend

  • Red Mountain Morning

    Red Mountain Morning

  • Pretty In Pink

    Pretty In Pink

  • Mountain Creek Falls

    Mountain Creek Falls

  • Lovely Pollen

    Lovely Pollen

  • Look what I found

    Look what I found

  • Longing


  • Junk Yard Art

    Junk Yard Art

  • Indigo Bow

    Indigo Bow

  • Driftwood On Beach

    Driftwood On Beach

  • Dragonfly


  • Dick, Dick, Dick–Ciss, Ciss, Ciss

    Dick, Dick, Dick–Ciss, Ciss, Ciss

  • Detailed Drops

    Detailed Drops

  • Chocolate Basil

    Chocolate Basil

  • Blowin Smoke

    Blowin Smoke

  • Bells at Sunrise

    Bells at Sunrise

  • Aspen Forrest

    Aspen Forrest

  • Artistic Downfall

    Artistic Downfall

  • Alligator Reflection

    Alligator Reflection

  • A French Canal

    A French Canal

  • Slowly I Step

    Slowly I Step

  • Into the West

    Into the West

  • Heading for Home

    Heading for Home

  • Dome Homes

    Dome Homes

  • Blue Hour Traffic

    Blue Hour Traffic

  • Amazing Arc

    Amazing Arc

  • After Rain

    After Rain

  • Neighborhood Church

    Neighborhood Church

  • Dancing in the Park

    Dancing in the Park

  • Water Lily

    Water Lily

  • Was Powerful

    Was Powerful

  • Tmeless


  • the curves have it…

    the curves have it…

  • Taking off

    Taking off

  • Daysi


  • Star in the Middle

    Star in the Middle

  • Fishing


  • A Magical Day

    A Magical Day

  • A Grand Afternoon

    A Grand Afternoon

  • Sharing His Passion

    Sharing His Passion

  • The Pursuit

    The Pursuit

  • Strength In Numbers

    Strength In Numbers

  • Morning Flight

    Morning Flight

  • Feeding Frenzy

    Feeding Frenzy

  • Sunset Surf

    Sunset Surf

  • Peek-A-Boo


  • Savannah Streaker

    Savannah Streaker

  • Palouse Shadows

    Palouse Shadows

  • Painted Hills

    Painted Hills

  • Morning Workout

    Morning Workout

  • Good Morning Naples

    Good Morning Naples

  • Floral Dream

    Floral Dream

  • Art walk Beauty

    Art walk Beauty

  • Alone


  • Passion Flower Lover

    Passion Flower Lover

  • Scuffle


  • Salvation is here

    Salvation is here

  • sip and go

    sip and go

  • The Scarlet Tulip

    The Scarlet Tulip

  • Steady gaze

    Steady gaze

  • Making a Splash

    Making a Splash

  • Hand it Over

    Hand it Over

  • Forged in Fire

    Forged in Fire

  • A Flood of Colors

    A Flood of Colors

  • Little lookout

    Little lookout

  • Himalayan Sunrise

    Himalayan Sunrise

  • Creamy Surf

    Creamy Surf

  • The Old Nash

    The Old Nash

  • Mirror Mirror On The Wall

    Mirror Mirror On The Wall

  • Water Drip

    Water Drip

  • To Beach

    To Beach

  • Sunset at Seagate

    Sunset at Seagate

  • Lost in the Woods

    Lost in the Woods

  • Light at the End

    Light at the End

  • Its Raining Gold

    Its Raining Gold

  • Glimpse of the Future

    Glimpse of the Future

  • Evelyn


  • Contemplation


  • Marco Island Yacht Club

    Marco Island Yacht Club

  • Bearded


  • Iconic


  • Now – Kiss the Bride

    Now – Kiss the Bride

  • Light Quilt

    Light Quilt

  • Hang On!

    Hang On!

  • Ginger Beauty

    Ginger Beauty

  • Atlantic Trawler at Sunrise

    Atlantic Trawler at Sunrise

  • Pulled Together

    Pulled Together

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