2022-2 Spring Competition

Theme: Open and Silhouette
Start date: April 1, 2022
End date: April 30, 2022
Judging starts: May 4, 2022
Judging ends: May 18, 2022

There are three open and one theme categories for this competition. The open categories are  Color, Monochrome, Creative and the theme category is Silhouette. You may enter up to THREE (3) images in one category and ONE (1) image in another category, or any combination thereof. Silhouette images may be color, monochrome or creative images.  You may enter 4 images as long as they are not all entered into a single category. You may change any image until the contest cutoff date has passed.

Silhouette photography shows the dark outlines of subjects in front of contrasting, bright scenes such as sunsets or studio backdrops. Silhouette images are unlike other forms of photography because they showcase dramatic contrast.

Please choose “Special” from the category drop-down on the entry submission page for your silhouette entries.

Competition rules have been updated as of April 12, 2022. See the Rules and Guidelines page for these updates.

Current Entries

  • Looking Out

    Looking Out

  • Altered State

    Altered State

  • Invite to Greater Heights

    Invite to Greater Heights



  • I Can See Your Halo!

    I Can See Your Halo!

  • Merlin Meal

    Merlin Meal

  • The Islander

    The Islander

  • Nebulosity of Orion

    Nebulosity of Orion

  • Golden Anglers

    Golden Anglers

  • Alligator Hammock

    Alligator Hammock

  • Fishing King

    Fishing King

  • Cormorant at Sunset

    Cormorant at Sunset

  • Learning from Mom

    Learning from Mom

  • Lely Horse at Sunrise – Silhouette

    Lely Horse at Sunrise – Silhouette

  • Mystical Rose

    Mystical Rose

  • Shore Bird

    Shore Bird

  • Light Spiral

    Light Spiral

  • No ifs ands or bucks

    No ifs ands or bucks

  • Horses at Sunset

    Horses at Sunset

  • Grazing on the Chobe River

    Grazing on the Chobe River

  • Tenderness


  • Sunset Watch at Naples Peer

    Sunset Watch at Naples Peer

  • Welcome Spring 2022

    Welcome Spring 2022

  • Sunrise Nestbuilding

    Sunrise Nestbuilding

  • My Treasure

    My Treasure







  • In Flight

    In Flight

  • BEEn There

    BEEn There

  • yum


  • Jumping for Joy

    Jumping for Joy

  • Play at Sunset

    Play at Sunset

  • Hanging With My Buddy

    Hanging With My Buddy

  • Ready for vacation

    Ready for vacation

  • Lady In Low Key

    Lady In Low Key

  • Night At Nauset Light

    Night At Nauset Light

  • Beauty In Nature

    Beauty In Nature

  • Sym-e-trees


  • Flora-show


  • Man-wich


  • Planks A lot

    Planks A lot

  • Cabbage


  • Hanging Roots

    Hanging Roots

  • Water Lily

    Water Lily

  • Sunsilhouette


  • Landing Field

    Landing Field

  • Anticipation


  • Nature at Work

    Nature at Work

  • Soaring High

    Soaring High

  • Such An Elegant Mama Cheetah

    Such An Elegant Mama Cheetah

  • Advice From A Giraffe

    Advice From A Giraffe

  • Hanging On For Dear Life

    Hanging On For Dear Life

  • Last Drink Before Bedtime

    Last Drink Before Bedtime

  • Posing for the cameras

    Posing for the cameras



  • HOO ME

    HOO ME





  • Slough


  • King of the World

    King of the World

  • Beauty Reflects

    Beauty Reflects

  • After the Meal

    After the Meal

  • Gardens In Living Color

    Gardens In Living Color

  • Miami Pulse

    Miami Pulse

  • Sun Kissed Sisters

    Sun Kissed Sisters

  • The Phantom

    The Phantom

  • Salmon Pounce

    Salmon Pounce

  • Leap of Faith

    Leap of Faith

  • Red Quil

    Red Quil

  • Waterin” Time

    Waterin” Time

  • Sunset Angler

    Sunset Angler

  • Dancing Orchids

    Dancing Orchids

  • Me and my Scooter

    Me and my Scooter

  • Can I Have Some Too

    Can I Have Some Too

  • Mr Blue Jeans

    Mr Blue Jeans

  • I Saw The Light

    I Saw The Light

  • Sun-Up Silhouette

    Sun-Up Silhouette

  • Girl in Broken Window

    Girl in Broken Window

  • Praying at Istanbul Mosque

    Praying at Istanbul Mosque

  • Waiting for My Baby Brother

    Waiting for My Baby Brother

  • Flamingo Dance

    Flamingo Dance

  • Gorgeous Red

    Gorgeous Red

  • Garden of the Gods

    Garden of the Gods

  • Busy Bee

    Busy Bee

  • Light Spinner

    Light Spinner

  • Fierce Eagle

    Fierce Eagle

  • Round and Round

    Round and Round

  • Royal Blue

    Royal Blue

  • Launch Time

    Launch Time

  • I’m Leaving

    I’m Leaving

  • Animas Canyon

    Animas Canyon

  • Cypress Sunrise

    Cypress Sunrise

  • Touchdown Imminent

    Touchdown Imminent

  • I Know I’m Late

    I Know I’m Late

  • Criss Cross Cranes

    Criss Cross Cranes

  • Praise for the Morning

    Praise for the Morning

  • Love


  • Alligator


  • Preening Ibis

    Preening Ibis

  • Floating Feather

    Floating Feather

  • Sunset Takeoff

    Sunset Takeoff

  • To the sky!

    To the sky!

  • Resting Tiger

    Resting Tiger

  • Snarling Lioness

    Snarling Lioness

  • Coming at Ya

    Coming at Ya

  • Reddish Egret Fishng

    Reddish Egret Fishng

  • California Dreaming

    California Dreaming

  • Take My Hand

    Take My Hand

  • Eye to The World

    Eye to The World

  • Longing For Home

    Longing For Home

  • Webb Homestead

    Webb Homestead

  • Sunflower Down the Rabbit Hole

    Sunflower Down the Rabbit Hole

  • Sunset Swim

    Sunset Swim

  • I See Berries

    I See Berries

  • Catching Up On The News

    Catching Up On The News

  • Glasgow Cathedral

    Glasgow Cathedral

  • Guardian


  • Glory Days

    Glory Days

  • Beata


  • Alan


  • Pumping for Gold

    Pumping for Gold

  • Mystery Ghost Walk

    Mystery Ghost Walk

  • Protecting the crops

    Protecting the crops

  • Waiting


  • Night Roost

    Night Roost

  • Just Leaves

    Just Leaves

  • Blue Dacnis

    Blue Dacnis

  • Golden Apple

    Golden Apple

  • Dancing In the Rain

    Dancing In the Rain

  • An Apple a Day

    An Apple a Day

  • Flamingoes Across the African Sky

    Flamingoes Across the African Sky

  • Starry, Starry Night

    Starry, Starry Night

  • Sensing Danger

    Sensing Danger

  • Isabella


  • Miami Secrets

    Miami Secrets

  • Ghostly Cypress

    Ghostly Cypress

  • Flying in a Circle

    Flying in a Circle

  • Sun Kissed Dahlia

    Sun Kissed Dahlia

  • Checking you out

    Checking you out

  • Come a Little Closer

    Come a Little Closer

  • Polytech


  • Ready For My Closeup

    Ready For My Closeup

  • Chasing Dreams

    Chasing Dreams

  • Hawaiian Sunset

    Hawaiian Sunset

  • Cheshire Reservoir

    Cheshire Reservoir

  • Sunset Celebration

    Sunset Celebration

  • Morning Joe

    Morning Joe

  • Shadow Bird Reflection

    Shadow Bird Reflection

  • Viva Venice!

    Viva Venice!

  • Venetian Sunrise

    Venetian Sunrise

  • Into the Storm

    Into the Storm

  • Venice with a Twist

    Venice with a Twist

  • Bridge of Sighs

    Bridge of Sighs

  • 90 Degrees of Resistance

    90 Degrees of Resistance

  • Sky High-Mono

    Sky High-Mono

  • Nest Builder-Color

    Nest Builder-Color

  • Ready for Beachgoers-Color

    Ready for Beachgoers-Color

  • Ocean Ave at Night-Color

    Ocean Ave at Night-Color

  • Did I forget something?

    Did I forget something?

  • Boris


  • Edge of the Dunes

    Edge of the Dunes

  • Safe Harbor

    Safe Harbor

  • Joshua Sunrise

    Joshua Sunrise

  • Tunnel Vision

    Tunnel Vision

  • Dragonfly at Golden Hour

    Dragonfly at Golden Hour

  • Seeing Through

    Seeing Through

  • Graceful


  • Isle of Palms Sunrise

    Isle of Palms Sunrise

  • On the Prowl

    On the Prowl

  • Through the Slats

    Through the Slats

  • Pointing to the Milky Way

    Pointing to the Milky Way

  • Grasses Against a Watercolor Sky

    Grasses Against a Watercolor Sky

  • Lights at Night

    Lights at Night

  • Mother’s Love

    Mother’s Love

  • A Day In Paradise

    A Day In Paradise

  • Sailor’s Guiding Light

    Sailor’s Guiding Light

  • palm sunburst

    palm sunburst

  • Are You Talking To Me?

    Are You Talking To Me?

  • Wet and angry

    Wet and angry

  • Let sleeping otters lie

    Let sleeping otters lie

  • Warmest blood

    Warmest blood

  • California fire

    California fire

  • sunflower on leaf

    sunflower on leaf

  • blue hour in the desert

    blue hour in the desert

  • Fluffy


  • Calm Beauty

    Calm Beauty

  • Mean Little Dude

    Mean Little Dude

  • Launch Attack

    Launch Attack

  • The Plieades in Maine

    The Plieades in Maine

  • Twilight Trees

    Twilight Trees

  • Jekyll Lamppost

    Jekyll Lamppost

  • Cyclist


  • Generations


  • Deliver


  • C-17 Globemaster III

    C-17 Globemaster III

  • Leopard Leaping – Kenya

    Leopard Leaping – Kenya

  • Giraffe in Tanzania Sunset

    Giraffe in Tanzania Sunset

  • Bison in Steam – Yellowstone NP

    Bison in Steam – Yellowstone NP

  • Sicily Silhouette

    Sicily Silhouette

  • Stroll at Low Tide

    Stroll at Low Tide

  • Midwest Sunset

    Midwest Sunset

  • Long and Winding Road

    Long and Winding Road

  • An Early Bird

    An Early Bird

  • Hood


  • Motor


  • First Kiss

    First Kiss

  • Look into my eye

    Look into my eye

  • Underwater Glow

    Underwater Glow

  • Nap Time

    Nap Time

  • Can we have a minute, please?

    Can we have a minute, please?

  • Sky on Fire

    Sky on Fire

  • Sea Oats

    Sea Oats

  • Enjoying the sunset

    Enjoying the sunset

  • Shadow Dancer

    Shadow Dancer

  • Strike a Pose!

    Strike a Pose!

  • She’s Mine!

    She’s Mine!

  • Thank you.  Thank you very much!

    Thank you. Thank you very much!

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